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Vector Acrylic Riser by Abanikko
Vector Acrylic Riser by Abanikko
Vector Acrylic Riser by Abanikko


Vector Acrylic Riser by Abanikko


Why You Need This

AbanikkoThese beautiful acrylic risers will turn your bedroom or home office into a happy, inspiring space that will help your creative and productive juices flow more easily. 

Available in three sizes, these acrylic risers allow you to maximize small spaces and keep them neat and organized. Whether you're using just one acrylic riser or a complete matching set, they're the perfect desk accessories to level up your #shelfie and #deskgoals posts!

About the artist:
Nikko is an engineer by profession, trying his hand out in expressing himself through lines, shapes, and colors. There's just something calming and mesmerizing to a collection of lines and geometric shapes put together in a certain manner. The repetition is sometimes almost hypnotizing for him.

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