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Special Edition High Vibe Deskmat



Why You Need This

Keep your workspace clean yet eye-catching with our wide desk mats with designs that celebrate the 2022 Viviamo planners and their corresponding themes! This desk mat not only protects your table from scratches and dirt, but it also doubles as a mouse pad as well!

  • Decorate your workspace
  • Doubles as a mouse pad
  • Can serve as a protector and keeps your table clean
  • Can be used as background for flat lay photos

Choose from 2 variant BDJ themed designs: the Bellas or Crescent moon, or pick between the Navi, Everything is Possible, or Focus themed designs! These widespread desk mats are made of high-impact polystyrene material that will surely help inspire you and keep those creative juices flowing.

Note: Items are for pre-order. Shipping starts on the last week of September. Not valid for COD.

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