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Jasmine Mendiola

Roux Bella High Vibe Desk Mat by Jasmine Mendiola


Why You Need This

Keep your workspace clean yet eye-catching with our wide desk mats! This desk mat not only protects your table from scratches and dirt, it doubles as a mouse pad as well!

Available in 3 wide spread sizes: 35x70cm, 35x80cm, 35x90cm, this desk mats will surely help inspire you and keep those creative juices flowing.

About the artist:
Jasmine is an organised creative with focus on all things about getting that Glow At Home: self-care, natural beauty and everyday mom life magic. Her makeup brushes switch out with paint brushes in-between her work-from-home homeschooling entrepreneurial life, and continues to collaborate on creating journaling products, homeschooling hacks and creativity tools that inspire, empower and bring out the glow from within.

This item is PRINT-ON-DEMAND and will be shipped after 2-3 business weeks production time.


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