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Plant and Manifest Kit
Plant and Manifest Kit
Plant and Manifest Kit
Plant and Manifest Kit
Plant and Manifest Kit

Crash Planting on You

Plant and Manifest Kit


Why You Need This

Learning to manifest made easy and fun by Crash Planting On You and Light In Me 

Our Plant and Manifest Kit lets you experience manifestation in a practical and creative way through gardening. 

Just like plants, we are surrounded with what we need to grow and thrive because nature has always been supporting us and it wants to give us everything we want. 

Manifesting a happy life is like being a gardener. Our thoughts and joyful wishes are the seeds and it is inspired action, teamwork and trust with you and nature to make it grow and happen.

This kit contains:

  • A plantable seed paper (with instructions) to write your joyful wish in
  • Your “vision pot” (4x4” premium clay pot and catchplate with matte chalk paint finish)
  • Acrylic paint set with brushes for drawing and painting your vision
  • 400g seed germination soilless potting mix


A portion of each sale goes to Hand and Heart, a non-profit social enterprise that advocates for inclusion of Persons With Disability (PWDs).