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Why we made this

Live in the present yet stay true to your North Star.


Every moment of your life, you are confronted with a choice. You have the ability to go left or right. That decision will determine how successful your future is going to be because it's set in motion by what you do RIGHT NOW!


Your Navi Explorer Experience Kit helps you live for today and coaches you to stay on course when you get lost in distractions. If your journey takes you outside your comfort zone, your kit's essentials will keep you organized and safe.


Heads up! The new items you'll see here are exclusives that are only available as part of the Experience Kits. They will NOT be sold separately when this offer expires!

Note: Items are for pre-order. Shipping starts on the last week of September. Not valid for COD. Installment payment is available.


INSTALLMENT OPTION INSTRUCTIONS: Select DragonPay to avail of 3-6 months Installment Payments using either your existing TendoPay or BillEase account!

If you don't have a TendoPay or BillEase account yet, you'll be prompted to create an account, verify your identity, and then your Installment Loan amount may be approved in just minutes! (Note that some cases may take up to one business day for approval.) Click on this link for more information on TendoPay.
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