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Janyn Ormeo

Moon Girl Wallpaper by Janyn Orneo


Why You Need This

Add life to your walls with patterned wallpaper featuring the works of Crazy About Paper artists. Designs are printed directly on the wallpaper, with every detail preserved in full color. Decorate an entire room with calming shades and dramatic patterns, or purchase a single roll to transform a small area into an eye-catching space. A beautiful accent wall is also a great way to brighten up a space or segregate functions in a room.

The best thing about our wallpaper? They're printed on demand instead of in commercial quantities, so what you're getting is a beautiful, limited edition design by a talented Filipino artist.

Design by Janyn Orneo

About the artist:
Janyn also known as Nynjamoves is a Lettering Artist and Illustrator based in Pasig City taking a degree of Bachelor of Multimedia Arts at FEU Institute of Technology. She specializes in various field of arts such as Graphic Design, colorful and vibrant letterings and Illustrations.

This item is PRINT-ON-DEMAND and will be shipped after 2-3 weeks production time.


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