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Life Stories: Cards for Conversations

Life Stories: Cards for Conversations


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We live in a time where we’re more connected than ever, but the tools that connect us can also be used to drive us apart. We hope these 63 questions bring you closer to others and lead you to a deeper understanding.

To make the most out of this card game, put yourself in a state where you’re willing to share even your silly, stupid, or controversial thoughts. The depth to which you dive into the details is up to you. Say the first thing that comes to mind and let the conversations flow.

Ways to Play

  • Distribute the cards. Pick a partner and choose a card from each other’s deck. Listen to each other’s answers, then find your next pair. 
  • Draw a card. Everyone on the table answers the same question. 
  • Answer as many questions as you can within a set time limit (For example: until a song ends).
  • Draw a card every day and use it as a writing prompt for your journal. 
  • Create your own rules!


  • 3.25" x 4.5" cards
  • Old Mill Premium White 250 gsm
  • No lamination was used for the cards (which makes it easier to recycle!)
  • 63 questions, 2 cards for instructions 
  • FC 18# box with matte varnish 
  • Diecutting with round corners (expect it to be a bit rough around the edges)

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