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2022 Focus Planner



Why You Need This


The Focus 2022 Journal is a guide to help you accept your life as it unfolds. With each phase, chapter, or stage of life comes new challenges and experiences that make up the fabric of our lives. Sometimes we need a little help getting back on track. Let your Focus Journal guide you toward self-awareness as you slowly paint a picture of a life with clarity and purpose.

  • 12 Monthly Dividers
  • 13 Monthly Calendars covering Dec 2021 to Dec 2022
  • Spacious Grid Weekly Spreads
  • Special Pages


Tony Robbins was on point when he was quoted saying, "Where focus goes, energy flows." When you practice calming your mind and controlling your thoughts, you reclaim power. And it is that power that propels you to that bright future you've locked your gaze on.

The Focus Journal is a great tool to inspire you to shove the distractions aside and put your goals to the forefront.  Picture yourself courageously blurring out what no longer serves you and take with you only what amplifies each step toward your goal. You will get what you focus on. Start building the tomorrow you want with laser-like clarity.

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