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2022 Belle de Jour Power Planner - Limited Edition



Why You Need This

It's time for us to tap into our powerful inner balance. We believe that in order to move forward, we need to look within and see the world through a different lens. We invite you to tap your inner wisdom in shaping who you are (and nourish it) and who you want to be (cultivate it). This is more than a set of affirmations. This is about defining who YOU want to be with every word written down or drawn upon these pages—personifying yourself by asking "Who am I?" 


  • 12 Special Pages designed to help you live a fulfilling and meaningful life
  • 13 Monthly Calendars
  • Vertical Weekly Layout that allows you to keep track of your schedules, jot down notes, and organize your daily tasks and appointments

Each version of the 2022 BDJ Power Planner will have something uniquely special about it, but all of them will make you revel in the beautifully drawn Special Pages that take you through one "I Am" statement every month. They give way to thought-provoking insights and action points that are designed to guide you gently each month as you intuitively recognize and continue growing your greatness.


Note: Items are for pre-order. Shipping starts on the last week of September. Not valid for COD.

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