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Order Statuses

Here's what your Order Status mean:

Being Processed

  • We have received your order. Please complete and settle your payment before we prepare your order for shipment.
  • Note that order confirmation is different from payment confirmation.
  • For Dragonpay payment, an email containing the specific payment instructions will be sent to you when you provide your email address. Follow the payment instructions, then a payment confirmation from Dragonpay will be sent to your email once your payment has been completed.
  • For PayPal payment, a payment confirmation from PayPal will be sent to your email.
  • For COD transaction, a shipping confirmation will be sent when your order is processed.
  • Once Dragonppay and PayPal payments have been settled, you will receive an email confirming that your order will be processed and delivery lead times.


  • This is a confirmation of your payment. The team is now preparing your order for shipment. You should also receive a confirmation email that your order is now being processed.
  • Processing takes 1-2 business days. Additional 1 business day for customized and COD orders.
  • We will ship your item once processed.
    • METRO MANILA shipment takes 3-5 business days
    • PROVINCIAL shipment takes 5-10 business days


  • Your order has been cancelled. There are a few reasons for cancelled order including the following:
    • We have not collected a payment for the customer's order
    • The customer changed their mind
    • The ordered items aren't available