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Focus Journal

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Center. Clear your mind. Find your peace.

The world recently faced an unprecedented situation that may have shaken your beliefs and made it difficult to keep your balance.

Faced with such a threat, it’s natural to feel your life is out of control and the days filled with anxiety, stress and disruption.

When it all seems overwhelming, however, never forget that you have the power and ability to calm your emotions and quiet your thoughts.

Find your center and let yourself clear your mind to regain serenity.

For 2021, Focus will help you harness those emotions and shift your mindset.

By helping you commit your thoughts from ink to paper, we hope to help you achieve catharsis.

The journal provides a safe space for you to capture in words the turmoil of thoughts and emotions, allowing you time to learn how to quiet the mind and still the heart.

Monthly Dividers

Focus Journal features 12 monthly dividers filled with power words and suggested activities to help you handle your thoughts with ease.

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Special Pages

With special pages (My Vision, The Road to Your Best Life, 2021 Life Declaration, Focus for the Year, Notes Pages)

Monthly Calendar

It comes with 13 monthly calendars. This effective planner covers calendar 2021 plus 1 month from December 2020 so you can already start using it at the end of year 2020

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Weekly Calendar

It has a clean grid layout with big spaces for planning and setting schedules. Also great for doodles and sketches.