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Spark Your Magic

We know $%# got real this second time around and we want to GUIDE you through these SPARK YOUR MAGIC prompts. We worry too, like you It's tempting to let fear overcome our powers, that's why we constantly rally each of us to breathe and check on one another.

Spark Your Magic Journal Kits 
 Journal Prompts to help you Spark your Magic

It’s time to reclaim the lost days of the pandemic – by ​ REFLECTING, RELEASING and RESTARTING.

We appreciate any support, getting this for yourself, for your best buddies or just forwarding this to others.

Wouldn't it be great if 55,555 people or more can realize their magic at this time of the pandemic? Help us make this happen. Do share these SPARK YOUR MAGIC Kits and let magic flow. 🤩

INCLUDES Free Shipping up to Php 100!

NOTE: Spark your Magic Journal Prompts Downloadable will be emailed on May 21,2021.