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Infinity Sticky Memo Roll (Self-Stick Paper Tape)


Why You Need This

Effortlessly removable and wholly adhesive. Convenient to use at home and offices up to your idea. Self-Stick Paper Tape in vivid fluorescent color.

Design your own length with MEMOC ROLL by Yamato Japan are full adhesive sticky note in rolls. The sleek dispenser provides convenience as one can cut and write short messages at just the right length every time. And because they are manufactured under strict standards, these rolls stick securely yet remove cleanly. Perfect to use as decors on scrapbooks & planners. Plus they are very handy to have for those instant, on the go labelling and note taking.

Cut, paste, write on, peel off and  paste it again, etc. Hundreds of uses!

  • To label on files
  • To replace with temporary address label on faxes
  • Easy to distinguish memos by color
  • For indexes on documents or files
  • For containers

Feature of Memoc Roll Tape series

  • Dispenser with cutter allows you to cut off  easily with the length you need.
  • Back side of tape is wholly adhesive.
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