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Importance of Goal Setting: 8 Reasons Why You Should Set Goals

Importance of Goal Setting: 8 Reasons Why You Should Set Goals

The pandemic has knocked everyone’s plans off course, leaving even the most flexible planner at a loss. How have your goals been affected by this worldwide phenomenon? I’m sure coping hasn’t been easy. A lot of people, including myself, gave up on dreaming for the rest of the year. But you know what, it’s time we start setting goals again. If you need me to give you reasons to start goal-setting despite the chaos that is 2022, here are 8:

1. Self-improvement

Setting goals helps promote and inspire self-improvement! The pandemic has us all stuck in a rut. We’re all kind of lost and restless. Setting goals steers you, it helps you to get somewhere. Anywhere. Hitting a goal means you made some improvements on yourself, after all, setting goals means that there are some obstacles and those obstacles show you your shortcomings, places you can improve yourself. Write down your goals in this 2023 Petit Planner, then write down what aspects of yourself you need to improve in order to reach your goals! Baby steps forward, are still steps forward.

2. New Goals, New Habits

Get fit this year!’ Sound familiar? I’m sure it’s been a New Year’s resolution for you at some point. Didn’t this make you get your butt in the gym on a regular basis? At least for a little while? Goals get you on your feet and moving. It helps for great habits - goals rarely inspire you to start horrible ones. It takes 28 days to form a new habit. Goals can be anything from finishing a book so read a chapter a day, or improve a skill: practice that skill daily for an hour. Cross each successful day off of your calendar pad.

2021 Calendar Pad

3. Helps give you focus

A lot of us started small businesses in the midst of the pandemic in an effort to make up for increases in living expenses or to indulge in our passions. Whatever your reason, creating a business means you wanted that venture to become something. Whether it be successful enough so you can quit your desk job, or for it to help a community in need.  Write your business’s goal down in your Focus Planner to keep you directed and steady. List down checkpoints that will ultimately lead up to your goal so it’s less intimidating! Seeing the first goal: to make 5,000 in profits this month is much more approachable than constantly being reminded of the big goal which could be… To become a global brand, maybe.

4. It reminds you of your priorities

Have a better family relationship. Get promoted by the end of the year. Do more charity work. Be a Dean’s Lister. These are all great goals and these all remind you about what you value in your life. No goal you ever set is too small or too big. Your goals are just a physical manifestation of your life’s priorities. Never lose sight of those priorities and keep them noted in the Forget Me Not Notebook.

5. Reconnect with your loved ones

Set goals together and work towards them together! Upload your goal progress to social media! Move forward in your life with the people you love and have the same aspirations as you do. Inspire other people to chase their goals, as well. Using hashtags and posting them to social media can inspire complete strangers to want to better themselves, too. So maybe sketch out your goal progress in your Quest Journal Mini to give yourself visual evidence of your progress. Co-workers will have missed this friendly competition so this is a great idea for bosses to pose as a challenge to their employees. Not only does it allow you to monitor progress, but it also encourages team building and camaraderie, even though they are safely apart.

6. It can improve your mental health

You put more things in your realm of control, helping you brush off unnecessary stress. It can help you trudge towards something when you’re feeling depressed. It can declutter your mind when you’re anxious. It helps you look forward to something instead of wondering what tomorrow could bring. Take charge and steer your life in the direction you want to go in! Record your goals in the Big Ideas Notebook to remind you that your goal is a big enough idea to push out some of the clouds that have been fogging up your mood.

Inspire big ideas by writing them down on this notebook.

7. Kicks you back into gear

We’ve all slowed down because of the work from home situation. For some, it was a good thing, for others? Not so much. We found ourselves a bit lost and desolate. Unmotivated. Sure, we’d work and do it well, but it lacked the same kind of intention that the workplace, and being surrounded by our workmates, afforded us. Setting goals creates the same kind of competition that being in the office provided, but instead of being competitively productive with your colleagues, you’re trying to one-up yourself! Taking down your performance on your BDJ Notebook so you can compare today’s performance with yesterday’s is a great way to track goal progress!

Add your goals on our customized BDJ notebook.

8. Look forward to a better tomorrow!

Just setting a goal means you have hope for your tomorrow.  A bump in your career, your next vacation, when you can go back to school and see your friends and professors. Setting a goal means you do know things will get better at some point, and if nothing else, that’s a great reason to set them! So keep planning things in your Essential Planner. Keep setting goals. Keep being hopeful, because you will get a chance to achieve those goals.