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I Don't Use the BDJ Planner

I Don't Use the BDJ Planner

We hope the holiday made you realize what’s important to you and helped jolt you out of your languish (that feeling of being stagnant and empty).

Over the next couple of days, we’ll bring on members of our team at Viviamo Inc. to talk about our personal stories of languishing and how we were able to overcome it.

We hope our stories help you stay hopeful and positive–moving forward in life with creativity and purpose.

Here’s Em Somera, Viviamo’s Business Development Lead


I’ve heard it many times before — 

Belle de Jour was the first ever planner that I really finished. It changed my life.

Honestly, I couldn’t believe it, though over the years so many Bellas have written testimonials about the “magic” of Belle de Jour.

I never used BDJ, after all. 

Except in year one, to support my friend Dar.

Back in 2019, I had worked more than a decade for the brand, but I had never really used it by choice.

I honestly felt strange working for a brand that talked about Power so much — it is after all, Belle de Jour “Power” Planner — when personally I was at the most languished state of my life.

I felt like an impostor.

I was in the thick of change — a few turbulent years starting from a whirlwind engagement, a less than ideal marriage, the birth of one child after another, a business that didn’t take off, and finally single parenting.

So in 2019, I finally picked up BDJ (though reluctantly, I have to admit), and I chose to trust that it would help me make sense of my life (at the very least).

Bellas from our community must be on to something, I said. I will choose to trust. 

On the 2019 Goals Page I wrote: This 2019, I will receive everything I need with Joy.


That first year using BDJ was my true pivotal year. 

I felt pulled in all directions.

You don’t really know who you are, until you are forced to fight for it, said Maria Rezza in her speech at the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize awards.

I remember for the first time in my adult life, writing what I want, without the usual guilt.

I remember that was the first year I committed to being a morning person, and creating a morning routine that begins at 5am.

I remember choosing to go out of my comfort zone, courageously stopping visits to my psychologist and going instead for life coaching.

I remember that was the year I really wanted to see what else I could become. 

I remember how it felt to awaken to a real desire: I wanted something more but did not know where to start. I needed to step up and create a better life for me, for my family.

I remember that was the year I realized I was worthy of love, of support, and that the best person I could count on for these things was first and foremost, myself

I remember that year as the year I chose to take responsibility, coming from love, not from a heavy heart because of “duty” or “obligation”. I got deep into the meaning of self-acceptance, of self-trust, and most of all, Surrender.

I remember that was the year I really learned to forgive — myself, before others.

I’ve always been someone who would start something and finish it. And I did finish the BDJ Planner that year. I definitely ended 2019 stronger, and in a very different space than the previous year. 

These past 2 pandemic years were tough on all of us, yet I couldn’t shake off the belief that no matter what happens, I got this. All these days working from home, and in lockdown, I open my BDJ Planner and I feel a little more accomplished (though I still sometimes feel I am behind in life). (insert image)

It’s BDJ that witnessed me as I learned my most important lesson — to believe in the Magic I have within. (insert image) This 2022, I recommit (yet again) to this planner that helped me change my life.

What about you? What planner are you choosing for this 2022?