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A hobby that helps you stay sane.

A hobby that helps you stay sane.

We're now on 4th entry of our personal stories series.

It's now Raine's turn to share her thoughts.


I'm pretty sure this pandemic has been challenging for everyone. The first few months were filled with worry and uncertainties. 

I tried to be productive, even tried a new hobby, and reread some old books. 

The new hobby was tedious—room model building—I realized I was too impatient for it and it had too many tiny details. I thought, what else could I try? I found this small journal online and thought it was cute so I bought it. 

When I received it, at first I didn’t know what to do with it. 

Then, I thought "hey, why not make this a daily musings journal." And so I did.

Every day, I wrote down a sentence or two about my thoughts for the day. It can be any random thing under the sun.

It helped me be more aware, instead of feeling like an empty eggshell. Besides having a small journal of daily musings, I got into k-pop journaling. 

I had a lot of extra albums, so I used the pages from the albums to do some creative journaling/scrapbooking. It helped me relax and disconnect, especially when I'm upset. 

I love it when my hands are busy, it keeps me sane. So journaling is definitely a great way to be busy but a good kind of busy.  It helps me relax mentally and keeps me grounded.  

Write something down today, you never know what you might discover about yourself.