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10 Warning Signs of Stress

10 Warning Signs of Stress

Stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It keeps us sharp, motivated, and alert.

But if #StressIsLife is your motto, you might be in for a rude awakening. 

The problem is it comes in many different shapes that we can easily pass them off as ‘having a bad day’ when in reality, you already need help. 

Here are a few warning signs.  

  1. You can't sleep at night, want to sleep all day and take super long naps.
  2. Alternating wildly between no appetite and eating everything in sight at different times of the day. It's either "WANT ALL THE FOOD!" or "SCREW FOOD! Starvation is better!”
  3. Clenching your jaw to the point it gets sore.
  4. Shutting down and going on endless binges of trash tv or holing up in bed with a book and kind of shut out the world for longer than normal
  5. Overdoing exercise (Yep, we tell ourselves those 2-hour yoga sessions are for our health — but in reality, we’re running away from the real issues.)
  6. A strong urge to cry at any given moment. There’s the laugh crying… angry crying… quiet crying… helpless crying...just any old reason for whatever toxins to be squeezed out of your eyeholes. (It’s extra frustrating especially if you don’t consider yourself weak or unstable) 
  7. You can’t do anything. Even your favorite hobbies
  8. You suffer from extremely tight knots in your neck/shoulder area.
  9. You get upset over things you typically wouldn’t.
  10. You start forgetting things like basic parts of your daily routine:  Turning off a light, putting on eyeliner with the rest of my makeup, forgetting your lunch, looking for my keys when they are in your hand.


Relate much?

If you said yes to a lot of these, here’s my advice…

It’s one of the best (& cheapest) ways of self-care. 

Bring your problems to your journal. 

Psychologists recommend it because it helps people stop obsessing and gives them space to step back and makes sense of their world.

A world that would otherwise overwhelm them.

Write about your frustration about the people you encountered…

The nasty comment you got on your IG post…

Write about the lingering pain you still feel from your childhood…

That time you poured heart and soul to a project that somebody else got credit for…

Take them to your journal. 

Unload everything. Every last bit. Never hold back.

Like what the great Anne Frank said…

“Paper has more patience than people”

Go to town with it.

It won’t magically solve your problem — but it will loosen your tight grip on these toxic issues.

It will help shine light on why it bothers you so much...

And slowly, help you let them go. 

Once you finally do, your journal is just waiting to hear all about it.