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8 Things I Remember When I Feel Lost

8 Things I Remember When I Feel Lost

During this pandemic, not only have I found myself physically alone because of self quarantining, but I’ve found myself mentally alone, too. Have you ever felt that way?  Like you were in someplace that no one else could get to? Being in quarantine has made me feel this way more often than I’d like. I didn’t realize how often I would rely on other people when I feel broken and lost. It’s trickier now that we can’t physically reach out to people at any time when we need help, so we’ve had to find ways to pull ourselves out of that mental state. I have a couple of thoughts I try to remember, and I thought they might help you, or someone you love, or someone I love if they’re experiencing that same feeling of brokenness and being lost.

Everyone has felt lost and broken at some point

You aren’t unique in this experience, and while uniqueness is something to take pride in, this is probably one of the things we’re all relieved to know is shared. Maybe they don’t talk about it, or they don’t express these feelings, but know that they have or will be in the same place at some point. They’ve made it through those feelings, and so will you.

Know that you're loved and appreciated

Know that you are loved and appreciated. Reach out and people will be there for you, but you have to reach out. Express to someone you love and trust the feelings you have, - whether you talk about it, or maybe slip them a postcard with an ’H’ for help. Though they may not always know how to pull you out of it, they will offer support and company through your dark time of feeling lost.

Give a greeting card to someone who is feeling lost.

If you feel lost, maybe you're meant to find yourself, or your new self.

You lose something to find something, you break something, you fix it and it can become something better. You could take this chance to rediscover yourself, reinvent yourself. Take a minute to create art? Maybe scrapbook? Any planner, journal, or our Black Folio is the perfect place to express this dark moment. Take this low moment to rise up higher than you’ve been before. You’ll get through this better or stronger - most likely both.


A black folio to write on to help find yourself.


You have control. Take it.

Feeling lost and broken can sometimes make you feel like you have no say in what’s happening, but you do. Pick up the reins and direct the carriage. By carriage, I mean your thoughts. Steer your thoughts toward better things. Dare to be Grateful cards are a great road map if you’re having trouble finding your way.

Take control of your life with these grateful cards.


Put your thoughts and feelings down on paper.

This helps you separate yourself from your emotions, and from there, you can start thinking about what caused this spiral, and how you can come out of it. Write it down in a notebook You can’t properly fix a problem if you can’t see the big picture - this is how to do that with your feelings.

A notebook to write down your thoughts and feelings.

Time will not stop for you, so you cannot stop either.

A lot of the time, when you feel lost and broken, you want life to just stop, and we all know that’s not happening. So you have to keep going, as well. It’s hard to get big things done, so do little things. Not in the mood to work out? That’s fine, just stretch instead. Don’t want to clean up your clutter space? Just put everything on a tray on your desk! Don’t have a tray? This Orange Patterned Tray will be a great addition to your home. Don’t stop. Slow down instead. You can catch up when you want to, but even when you’ve got the energy, you don’t have to.

An orange acrylic tray to help you keep your desk organized.

You can sit in this feeling if you want.

You can sit and just let it wash over you. But set a time limit for yourself. A day, 2 days, 3 days if you need it. Sit in it, let it settle, cry, get mad, break things, punch a pillow. Don’t worry, the Tiktik Macabebe Throw Pillow can take it. But let it sit and then actively try to get out of that funk. I know I just said time will not stop for you, but your feelings won’t stop just because you want them to either. You have to choose in this case, which is the best path for you, either way is okay.

A comforting throw pillow to help you get through your lost feeling.

Asking for professional help is an option.

There’s no shame in getting help from a therapist - that’s why they exist. Recognize that these feelings may be too much for you to deal with and go talk to someone whose profession is to help you get through moments like this!