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How to Decorate Your 2021 Planner

How to Decorate Your 2021 Planner

2021 is right around the corner and you can hear everyone’s sigh of relief. 2020 was a hell of a year, and it was definitely a year to learn from, but we’re all excited to move on from it, and what better way to prepare for the new, and hopefully better year ahead than to start decorating your 2021 planner! Whether you prefer to keep it simple or decorate your planner so it’s fit for display alongside the work of the masters, you can spice up your planner and make it look unique and wonderful!

Start with colored pens! Colored pens are a great, cheap, and simple way to add a little flavor to your planner decorating. Just by switching from your traditional black or blue pen to a pretty purple or an alerting red can brighten up your plans and goals for the new year. If you’re feeling fancy, metallic or glitter pens are some things you can reach for. Want a 3D feel to your planner? Puffy pens are pretty accessible, as well!

Add a couple of stickers here and there… maybe even everywhere. On your planner, that is. Bring back the childhood nostalgia of stickers. There are stickers fit for every occasion. Dentist appointment? Got one for that. Maybe a Zoom meeting with the bosses. Got a couple for those. Waxing day? I’m sure we could find one for that somewhere. From butterflies to Kpop idols, black and white or colored, you can find the sticker that’s just perfect for your vibe. If stickers are a bit too irregularly shaped for your liking, washi tape is available for your adhesive needs!

Now if you’ve had stickers and colored pens adorning your planners in the past, what about switching it up with your plain black pens. Different pen tips, different fonts, different inks, different uses. Black pens are far from boring and it’s definitely a way to challenge your creativity! Ballpoint pen sketches adorning the borders, creating different patterns to split your day and night, even learning calligraphy to add an elegant touch to your planning. Black is anything but boring.

Are those not the routes you want to go for your 2021 planner? I’ve got one word for you: Printables. The journaling community is large and filled with creatives, so they know the struggle of a creative block and have made some templates to be shared by anyone who’s interested. Fresh rainbow templates for weekly planning, cool pop-art inspired pages for day to day, whatever theme you can think of, I’m pretty sure there’s a themed template that will tickle your fancy. If you’ve got any templates of your own, share them with the world, someone’s sure to fall in love with them.

What about… sticky notes? Use sticky notes to mark meetings whose dates could change, repetitive events, or even just to add a pop of color on your pages! Use them for meal planning, list-making, little markers. There is no end to how you can use sticky notes in your planner. If you haven’t tried incorporating them into your planning before, 2021 is definitely the year to explore the possibilities.

Ever thought of having 2 planners instead of sticking with one? You can use one for your day to day planning, and then use the other to keep track of bills or flights. Don’t contain yourself to one when you know that having 2 could work better for you! Keeping your life contained in one notebook can create more chaos than order and that’s definitely not what any of us want, so splitting it into two can give you space to be more creative and utilize the pages better!

So those are only a few ideas, and I’m sure you have great ideas brewing in your head, but the best advice I can give you is to start with a great base! Sure decorating your planners are great, but what’s the point if it isn’t a planner you can properly use. Crazy About Paper has got a ton of great planners for 2021 and it won’t take much effort to find one that you’ll fall in love with. So find one you love and get to planning your 2021!